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How High Is Mount Everest

Published Date: Monday, June 4th, 2018

How High Is Mount Everest is the most trending question in the World. "How tall, how many days does it take to reach Everest base camp, what county or which country Mount Everest in, Where is Mount Everest" are the common questions about Everest. 

More Information about How High Is Mount Everest

Mount Everest is still growing; now 8,848 meters (29,029). Mt Everest was formed when Eurasia and the Indian subcontinent collided 50 million years ago, sparking a geologic epic that still hasn’t ended and causes Mt. Everest to grow about 4 millimeters each year. Simply put, the Indian continental plate pushes against the Asian continental plate, and the Himalayan mountain chain is pushed upward. Everest consists of different types of shale, limestone, and marble, and all of it contains minute fossils of ancient sea life, even at the summit.
How High Is Mount Everest
 In sixty years since Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary summited Everest, it has grown ten inches (256 millimeters) or at a rate of 4 millimeters each year. Today, just under 1000 people attempt to climb Everest each year with about 500 climbers reaching the summit every year; this being a combination of Sherpas, other guides, clients, and professional climbers. Climbing Mount Everest today involves time, money, some expertise and good fitness. Many climbers complain about the over-commercialization of an attempt, and the sicknesses which almost always accompanies a climb such as dysentery, cracked ribs (from coughing fits) dry, rarified air, sleepless nights, fevers, dehydration, HAPE and HACE, both deadly conditions requiring immediate. All this to endure for three months; if you’re attempting Everest…be prepared! If your interests don’t include a climbing package, trekking on the Everest Base Camp Trail, on the other hand, is a much more appealing way to see the spectacular scenery along the way from roaring rivers to majestic peaks. The views of Everest from Kala Patthar are spectacular particularly with approaching dusk. Be mindful that a headlamp is most advisable in returning from Kala Patthar in the twilight. Don’t miss a two-hour trek to Everest Base Camp from Gorakshep which is a perfect way to spend the afternoon or early morning. On a cautionary note, the dangers that affect climbers at altitude also are present as early as arriving at Lukla. The main thing to keep in mind is taking your time; acclimatize at your own rate and remember your schedule is just that, a schedule. If you need to take two or three extra days, it is highly advisable. And know the signs of AMS (acute mountain sickness)!


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