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Dolpa Region Trek

Dolpo Region Trek is a hidden valley discovered by a Buddhist deity for their worshipers. Today, it is celebrated as a sample of original Tibet. Most talked about the fauna of Dolpa trek region are Blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, and the snow leopard.

Dolpa Region Trek is located inside the Shey Phoksundo National Park of mid-western of Nepal, behind the North side of the Dhaulagiri massif towards the Tibetan plateau. Cut off by a series of very high passes, closed by snow most of the year, Dolpo remains truly an isolated corner of Nepal. Time had stood still here for centuries, so has the inhabitants' way, since time immemorial. The finely preserved ecosystem encompasses a wild and wonderful variety of plants and wildlife, including the blue sheep, snow leopards. Dolpa treks through the Mustang is an experience not easily forgotten.
One of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world was closed to trekkers until 1989. Those that did get to visit this area needed special permission from the Government. With the changes in the regulations governing visits, a remarkable part of Nepal, hitherto almost unknown, has suddenly become a major destination for trekkers and mountain lovers. It is an area of roughly 2100 square miles inside Nepal's northwestern frontier with Tibet, encompassing some thirty villages and monasteries at altitudes if eleven to fifteen thousand feet. Dolpo is in Nepal but, its people - in race, religion, and culture, are Tibetan Buddhists descended from nomadic tribes who settled in this area around the tenth century. Being in Nepal, the Chinese occupation and subsequent "cultural revolution" of Tibet did not affect the Dolpo-pa (People of Dolpo), and their religion and culture have survived as one of the best-preserved examples of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. In fact, people living in certain pockets of the religion practice Bon Po, an animistic religion that pre-dates Buddhism and which, some belief, is actually the precursor to Tibetan Buddhism as we know it.

We travel in the restricted area of this region from Shey to Lo Monthang. We will need to have a special permit to do this route, and a government representative to accompany the party as per rule.

Following are the area for Dolpa Region Trek

dolpa lower

Lower Dolpa Trek

Duration : 19 Days | Grading : Modarate

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Upper Dolpa

Upper Dolpo Circuit

Duration : 17 Days | Grading : Modarate

Upper Dolpo Circuit is comparatively an extensive circuit trek which offers an exclusive cross section understanding of Upper Dolpo along... [+ Read More]


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