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Electricity in Nepal

Electricity in Nepal is 220-240 Volts and 50 MHZ. as opposed to 110-120 volts electricity in USA and Canada. Mostly, they use Electric Plug of two or three round prongs. It is not a flat prong as in America and most of other western countries. It would be safe to use a voltage converter if your electronic devices use 110 Volt electricity.
You can get 220 voltage in Nepal. Get the plug adapters and voltage converters from nearest stores or ask for help with your hotel manager if in case your devices like electric razor, hair dryer and laptop is not working properly. There is a frequent fluctuation in Nepal's electricity. So, it would be wise to take precautions and use UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and other gadgets for preventing devices from power fluctuation.

Power cut was frequent here. Not every hotels in Nepal can provide alternate electricity- not especially hotels in remote regions.
You might want to carry a multi plug with you if in case the plug in your appliances did not match with the shape of the socket.

Bringing a universal adapter and power converter gear would be wise if you are planning to carry many electronics. You can easily buy online power converters or you can also go to nearest electronic shops and malls. Get detail instruction on how to use the adapter before using it. You can also ask for help with the staffs of the hotel in which you are staying.

But now in Nepal, in most of the cities are non-loads heeding area. From last year 2016 ministry announced that here won't be lack of electric light @Kathmandu and other places.

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