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Date : 03 Aug 2017
Q. Are there a lot of trekkers during October & November? / A. Yes, it is high season for trekking in Nepal by tourists from all over the world, so the trails are full of tourists. Many find it difficult to book their ticket during this time so it is strongly suggested

Date : 03 Aug 2017
October and November are considered the best times to visit Nepal. The main festivals like Dashain and Tihar (greatest Hindu festivals) fall during these months. The skies are clear and pleasant temperatures are present in Nepal during this period. February – May are also good times for travel to Nepal as

Date : 03 Aug 2017
Still the same Everything that was possible before the earthquake is still possible. Treking, tours, rafting, driving, flights and every other adventure are possible.   Reasons to Visit Nepal Now Nepal has heartily welcomed people from all around the world regardless their age, nationality or religion. We have witnessed the massive earthquake; in fact we

Date : 03 Aug 2017
Out of 75 districts of Nepal, only 8 have been significantly affected. Out of 10 National Parks, only 1 is affected. Out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, only 2 have had significant damage. Out of 35 popular trekking routes, only 2 are affected. All the International and National airports are in operation. Communication (nets, phone

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