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Language, Culture and Traditions in Nepal


There are many existing and dead languages in Nepal. As is defined, Nepal is a colorful garden of 36 ethnic groups and 4 caste. Each ethnic group has its own language and culture. A record of above hundred languages have found to be spoken in Nepal. Nepali is the national language of Nepal and is almost understandable by all Nepalese wherever you travel. Some of the other languages are specific to the local areas. Different language are dominant in different trekking regions. It would be better to find out the list of Nepal's languages including which language is in use in which area before visiting Nepal. Nepali- the national language of Nepal falls under an Indo-Aryan Language category. Nepali is the mother tongue of about half of Nepalese population. Nepali is also known as Khas kura that was originally spoken by locals from the Karnali Bheri basin. Nepali is also spoken in some parts of Bhutan and India. Bahing is the Kiranti language. Maithili is prevalent form of language in Terai region. Limbus have their own Limbu language called Yakthung Pan.

Culture and Traditions

Culture in Nepal is the collective form of the music, religion, literature and architecture. Temples and monasteries are the integral part of Nepali architecture. Different ethnic groups have their own developed religion, music and languages. Folk music is the popular form of music. Women are rarely seen playing musical instruments.
Approx. 80% of Nepalese population is Hindu by religion. Buddhism has second largest followers. Islam is the third largest religion in terms of population while people have also adopted Kirat and other religion.

Some Dos and Donts
  • Nepalese prefer Namaste as a greeting sign in contrary to shaking hands.
  • Do not eat your food with a left hand. Also, most of Nepalese like to use their hand while eating and not fork or spoon.
  • Always wear proper dress, covering your body properly.
  • Ask before taking photographs of locals
  • Some temples do not allow an entrance to foreigners.
  • Do not give money to children. If you want to help them, you can donate to an organization.
  • Do not pollute the area in which you are trekking. Use canned bottles and dispose them properly.
  • Protect the natural environment.
  • Do not make open fire.
  • Kissing and hugging in public is considered offensive.
  • We can provide you with Nepal Culture Tour. Nepal is known as country of festivals. Some kind of ceremony is going throughout the year.

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