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Nepal Cultures Tours

Nepal Culture Tours is a special package to the lively and colorful settlements where culture, religion and tradition are the parts of daily life. This is a multiethnic country with more than 100 ethnics where each tribe is gifted with its own language. Recently declared as a secular state, Nepal has set a great example of religious tolerance towards other religion where Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims all live in perfect harmony with each other. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamic and Christian are the major religions in Nepal and each religion has a unique culture, festival, traditions and holy shrines of its own. Kathmandu is known as the city of temples. In fact, hardly any other capital cities in the world comes closer to the cultural display which Kathmandu Culture Tour offers. Given below is the bestselling packages of cultural tours in Nepal: Kathmandu Muktinath Tour This is our bestselling Culture Nepal tour package that is chosen by pilgrims and nature lovers alike. It is a 9days package that takes us to the abode of Muktinath- the Lord of salvation. This temple has been equally respected by Hindus and Buddhhists. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour This is 8-days package that takes us in the tour of all major Buddhist monasteries in Nepal including Lumbini- the birth place of Lord Buddha. Visit the tranquil monastery and get the views of wall paintings. You may also hear the chanting of Lama Priests who are all dressed in maroon robes. Best of Nepal Tour As the name suggests, Best of Nepal tour summarizes the best activities in Nepal in just a 10-days package. Visit UNESCO enlisted sites in Kathmandu, enjoy sunrise view from Nagarkot and Sarankot hill, take Pokhara Day Tour and get wildlife view by joining in the Chitwan Wildlife Safari. Chitwan Safari with Nagarkot Tour Expect the close encounter with one horned rhinos and tigers including diverse species of reptiles, mammals and floras while exploring the woods of Chitwan National Park- the largest National Park in Nepal. The tour culminates with Changunarayan hike that passes through culturally rich Tamang villages where people have been following ancient lifestyle. Nagarkot Tour Nagarkot is the short Kathmandu culture tour of four days package which takes us through the Tamang villages to Nagarkot where we can get the sunrise view over Everest. Kathmandu Lumbini Pokhara Tour This is 9-days combined package of UNESCO cultural heritage tour in Kathmandu, Pokhara day tour and Lumbini sightseeing tour. Sirubari Village Tour Homestay in Sirubari is a best way to observe the culture and take the local taste of Gurung ethnics. Kathmandu Paro Tour This is a multinational cultural tour that lets you explore the cultural heritages of Nepal and Bhutan from a single package. Maratika Tour This is a pleasant tour to Maratika cave located in Halesi Mahadev region. Buddhists take Maratika as a holy site where saint Padmasambhava had practiced meditation and attained liberation. Kathmandu Cycling Tour Kathmandu Cycling Tour encompasses the culturally rich villages on the outskirts of Kathmandu. The route passes through the temples and local houses where time has stood still since ancient days. Kathmandu Day Tour This is a day tour in Kathmandu which allows the views of courtyards, palaces, gardens and many more. Day Hike Tour in Nagarkot The hiking begins after getting sunrise view from Nagarkot. It passes the forest and few Brahmin and Chhetri villages to Changunarayan. One Day Pokhara Tour One day Pokhara tour allows you to experience the best of Pokhara in a single day. Boating in Phewa Lake, sunrise view from Sarankot hill and Pokhara tour are the highlights of this tour. Nepal World Heritage Sites Explore all of the UNESCO sites in Nepal.
Kathmandu-Muktinath Tour

Kathmandu Muktinath Tour

Duration : 9 Days | Grading : Normal

Kathmandu-Muktinath Tour is one of the frequently organized tours by Ace Holiday Treks (P) Ltd. We operate this package for... [+ Read More]


Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours

Duration : 8 Days | Grading : Modarate

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours is one of the popular tours packages in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and... [+ Read More]

Nepal tour

Best of Nepal Tour

Duration : 10 Days | Grading : Modarate

Best of Nepal Tour offers you the best glimpse of Nepal's cultural, natural and biological richness and diversity. The best... [+ Read More]

Chitwan Safari Tour

Chitwan Safari Nagarkot Tour

Duration : 7 Days | Grading : Easy

Chitwan Safari - Nagarkot Tour is one of the mostly organized tours in Nepal. Chitwan  jungle Safari is the most... [+ Read More]

Nagarkot Tour

Nagarkot Tour

Duration : 4 Days | Grading : Modarate

Nagarkot Tour is best of Nepal tour, Located at the elevation of 2175m, Nagarkot is considered to be one of... [+ Read More]

Pokhara City

Kathmandu-Lumbini-Pokhara Tour

Duration : 9 Days | Grading : Modarate

Kathmandu-Lumbini-Pokhara Tour is one of the popular tours in Nepal. Kathmandu, Lumbini and Pokhara are the three of the most... [+ Read More]

Sirubari Village Tour in Nepal

Sirubari Village Tour in Nepal

Duration : 9 Days | Grading : Modarate

Sirubari village is one of the most attractive villages in Nepal. It's in fact a small Gurung settlement in Syangja... [+ Read More]

paro tour

Kathmandu Paro Tour

Duration : 10 Days | Grading : Modarate

Kathmandu Paro Tour is the exclusive package from Ace Holday Treks that takes you through two amazing countries in just... [+ Read More]

maratika monastery

Maratika Tour

Duration : 6 Days | Grading : Modarate

Maratika Tour  -Maratika is an act of defeating death. According to the legend, it was in Maratika cave where the... [+ Read More]


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