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The Trip/Trek Of A Lifetime

I recently took my family over on referral of friends and we got the presidential treatment. We got off the plane and was immediately met by Narayan Bhatta who had arranged every minute of our trip save for our personal time. Escort to the hotel in a nice car, dinner and to our hotel which seemed to be above average. We took a trek to Everest Base Camp with all things arranged. We loved the Everest Base Camp Trail so much we extended a day. We were in constant contact to headquarters back in Thamel so constant monitoring was appreciated. We have photos and memories of a life time. Thank you Narayan and Ace Holiday Treks!


Well organised and very accommodating

We had a 4 day tour with ACE Holiday Trek, and covered Kathmandu and Pokhara. We approached Narayan, from a recommendation found online, and he was very accommodating, giving us all options and enabled us to set up a good itinerary so that we don't miss anything. Pokhara was beautiful, and we were able to see it very comfortably. The hotel and facilities were excellent. We had also booked, a mountain flight, which we were very excited for. Unfortunately due to weather we were not permitted to fly, but the tour company immediately arranged for our refund. Overall very happy with the organisation and quality of facilities offered by this company.


We could not be happier

We had the best time in Nepal thanks to Narayan and his Ace Holidays Trek. Even though we always travel independently and arrange all flights and accommodation by ourselves, in Nepal it was different. We just could not buy flights online, so we started to look for a local agency. Our friend recommended us Narayan and his Ace Holidays Trek agency and we could not be more thankful. Narayan personally helped us with all the arrangements, he assisted us with flight rebookings and even though he did not have to, he stayed in touch with us during the whole trek in case we need his help or guidance. What we really appreciate was his personal involvement, he puts clients and travellers needs as his priority and he feels personally responsible for you to have a great time while visiting Nepal. Even though we did the Everest trek base camp independently, we are planning to come back and do the Upper Mustang trek, but this time with Ace Holidays Trek. I would not choose any other agency, because there are a lot of agencies involved in travellers scams. I would recommend Ace Holidays Trek agency to anyone who wishes to have a great time in Nepal with great services and a personal approach. It was our privilege to meet someone as Narayan.

Tereza P

Annapurna circuit Trek

Voľba na doporučenie -aj trek aj cestovná kancelária v KTM. Majiteľ NARAYAN BHATTA nám zorganizoval úžasný výlet. Všetko spoľahlivo fungovalo podľa dohody. Veľmi priateľský a ústretový prístup nás milo prekvapil. Taktiež doporučený sprievodca a nosiči boli veľmi priateľskí. Snažili sa vyjsť v ústrety a zaradili všetko potrebné počas treku, Dozvedeli sme sa veľa a tamojšej kultúre,zvykoch a bežnom živote ľudí.Nikdy nepovedali ,to sa nedá.Počas treku sme si na seba aj trochu navykli a po rozlúčke nám aj chýbali. Domov sme si priniesli veľmi veľa nezabudnuteľných zážitkov a hlavne pocit, že aj v Nepále sú milí a príjemní ľudia. Ďakujeme veľmi pekne Narayan !! a prajeme veľa spokojných klientov. Túto cestovnú kanceláriu môžem len vrelo doporučiť


Narayan went above and beyond

Trip made: Everest Base Camp, Nepal Duration: 18 to 30 November I came across this very same page lauding praises and compliments for Narayan and his team. All of the reviews in general were very positive and flattering. I thought, I must contact this person to find out more. I contacted Narayan, thinking that I would merely get a quotation and find out more about the trip my husband and I wish to make, the Everest Base Camp trek. Narayan was enthusiastic and helpful, answering all of our queries patiently. When I enquired about extending our trek to include Gokyo Lake, Narayan was honest with us. He did not push us to extend the trip (which he could profit from) but instead factually told us the cost and the extra days needed. He was also quick to contact us to discuss over the phone (quicker than messaging) and was ever respectful and courteous in his messages, always checking in with a simple "How are you?" and communicating easily about his guiding experience and his experience organising treks. Even before we met, we already relied on him to guide us through what will later be the adventure of a lifetime. Narayan arranged our trek very smoothly, from the administrative affairs (collecting passport details, arranging domestic flight) to actually picking us up, thoughtfully sending a photo of himself for easy identification upon our arrival and warmly greeted us with welcome flowers. When we arrived at Pilgrim Hotel in the night, Narayan sat us down and briefed us again about our trek. He also warned us about fake helicopter rescue scams and assured us that Ace Holiday Treks conducts its business professionally. We trekked with Shusil (our trekking guide) and Gauraf (our porter) who were both steadfast and helpful throughout our adventure. We had an amazing time. During our trek, I suffered from AMS due to the high altitude. As such, my husband and I had to descend for my recovery. During this difficult period, Narayan while not physically with us, guided us and helped us over the phone, checking in with my physical status and coaching us on navigating the situation that we are in. When we arrived back in Kathmandu, Narayan met us and was with us throughout. He could have left us to manage on our own and figure our way out but he came down even when his presence was not needed. His presence was comforting and assuring and we felt that we were in good hands with Narayan. As a result of our early descent, we had a few extra days in Kathmandu. My husband and I mostly took it easy as I was still recovering. Narayan was certainly not obliged to fill up our days for us as this was not part of the arrangement. However, his good-natured self invited us for a warm family dinner at his home and he even arranged for his employees to bring us out to check out the local market. During this period, Narayan was easily contactable and was a comforting presence to us. Would I go to Nepal again for another trekking adventure? Likely yes, to another region. Would I go with Narayan again? A resounding 100% YES! Narayan is everything you would want in a tour agent: professional, approachable, honest and most importantly, has a kind heart and looks after YOUR interests. He ensures that you are always comfortable and will advise according to your needs. We thought that signing up with Narayan was a business transaction like any other holiday arrangement e.g. book a hotel, book a guide, book a flight. We pay the money and we get a guided trek in return. But what we did not count on was forging a relationship with Narayan. He is an incredibly thoughtful, respectful and amazingly, despite his achievements as a self-made man, he was extremely down to earth and humble. Truly, we are very glad that we went on our amazing adventure with Narayan as our tour agent. We would not have done it any other way. Whatever happened on our trek was a blessing in disguise as we met a kind soul in Narayan. We look forward to our next trekking trip with Ace Holiday Treks! We highly recommend you to pick up your phone and drop Narayan a text! Find out more about the trip that you want to make and get to know Narayan yourself.


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